The Woman's Company Regular Panty Liners - Pack of 30

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Size: 150 mm
Pack Size: 30 pcs.
Sale price₹ 224.00 Regular price₹ 249.00


Ideal for that spotting with an oncoming period, or in your last days. Also works as an extra layer of extra protection over a menstrual cup or tampon. 

Our Panty Liners are made of organic cotton guaranteed to ensure that super soft maximum comfort. 

Chemical Free  
No chlorine or dioxins are used in the bleaching process. Over time, dioxins build up in the body over time and are known to have serious health risks. 

Biodegradable Individual Wrapping 
Our wrappers are biodegradable too - each individual pad comes in an eco-friendly wrapping to be used at the time of disposal.

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