St.Botanica Pure Rosehip Oil, 50ml

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Brimming with omega-3 and omega-6, as well as fatty acids, StBotanica all-natural Rosehip Seed Oil is a classic beauty basic. No chemicals needed- Rosehip Oil is pure, effective and easy to use as it replenishes and repairs skin’s surface. Especially recommended for those with dry skin, but safe and natural for all skin types. Fantastic on hair and nails, too!

Rosehips, the vitamin-and-antioxidant-rich fruit of the rose plant, have been used as an essential source of Vitamin C throughout the centuries. We use the purest and most effective cold-pressed rosehip oil. Packed with skin-rejuvenating properties, Rosehip Seed Oil is the natural solution for repairing your skin's surface, restoring elasticity, and protecting against sun and pollution stressors.

Rosehip Seed Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties work to help reduce puffiness, redness and under-eye swelling, while reducing lines and wrinkles. Its moisturizing and hydrating power can be used on dry scalp, significantly reducing dandruff and flaking. Brittle, dry nails are infused with new life by applying Rosehip Seed Oil, giving them renewed strength and healthy shine. Our Rosehip Seed Oil is also useful for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


    Helps with acne, even skin tone, skin discoloration, brightens dark spots, helps to diminish scars, smooth out wrinkles, under eye bags and stretch marks. Say goodbye to dry skin. Enjoy smooth and glowing skin from head to toe including the dry bottoms of your feet.
  • Extremely high in AntiOxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, and Vitamins (Especially Vitamin A-known for its beautifying properties). Fast absorbing, non-greasy, and light weight oil to Condition Skin and Hair.


  • Pure Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil: It  Delivered To You in a dark blue bottle to limit exposure to light for ultimate preservation. Comes with a dropper for easy application.



  • Gently spread 2-3 drops to face using the dropper and massage into the skin.
  • Can be used both morning and night.
  • You can also apply onto your neck and body for a healthy glow.

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