Mirabela Nutmeg Essential Oil

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Mirabela Nutmeg Essential oil is 100% Pure, Natural, Therapeutic grade and undiluted. It is extracted using steam distillation of Nutmeg ( Myristica fragrans).


    • Nutmeg Essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for pain relief, which when applied to areas of pain/swelling helps calm down inflammation and pain. It is very helpful to relieve arthritic pain, general joint pains, rheumatic pain or general body pain caused due to exertion.
    • Has an energizing and uplifting aroma and is both stimulant and aphrodisiac oil.
    • It Offers anti-depressant properties know to relives stress and boost your mood, great for diffusing in the home or office.


    • For pain relief add 2 drops in 5 ml sesame oil or any other carrier oil of your choice and apply on the swelling/area of pain. You can also use it in a body massage oil blend to soothe and comfort muscular aches and poor blood circulation.

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