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Mirabela Sweet Almond Oil – Wood Pressed and Cold Pressed Oil

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Mirabela Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is an incredible oil for hair, skin and body but with a difference. So how is it different? These fine oils are extracted from California Sweet Almonds using traditional cold pressing (wood pressed) in small batches at room temperature which helps retain the higher nutrient value of the seed in the extracted oil.

It is 100% natural, pure, unrefined and cold-pressed oil enriched with natural Vitamin E making it best suited for newborn babies and adults.


  • Face Oil
    Moisturises and lightens the skin imparts a radiating glow, and prevent under-eye dark circles.

  • Hair Oil
    Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, giving softer and shinier looking hair, can be used on both normal and chemically treated hair. This lightweight oil helps to repair the damage caused by chemical treatments and works as an amazing natural preconditioner.

  • Baby Massage Oil
    Offers complete care and protection to babies’ sensitive skin. Regular application helps in the lightening skin tone and helps the growth of soft and silky hair.

  • Body & Post Pregnancy Massage Oil
    Stimulates mindful relaxation and lightens stretch marks.

  • Bath & Shower Oil
    Soaps have a cleaning but drying effect on skin at times especially in winters. A small portion of this oil applied before cleaning or immediately after a bath moisturizes and nourishes dry skin to make it smooth and supple.

  • Belly Button Oil
    Massage 2 drops every night to gives unbelievably glowing skin and soft lips.

  • Nail & Cuycle Oil
    Strengthens the nails

  • Beard Oil
    Makes the beard hair soft, adds shine and help it grow.


  • Unrefined cold-pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Natural Vitamin E.


  • If you are using Mirabela Sweet Almond oil on your face for glow and anti-ageing then just apply and leave for 30 minutes and wash off. As it suits your skin you can gradually increase the duration.
  • If you're applying Mirabela Sweet Almond oil on eyebrows, under eyes, eyelids, lips or belly button then apply daily and leave overnight.
  • If you are using it as hair oil, then gently massages the oil into the scalp and allow it to work for 30 minutes or let it sit overnight. Cleanse with a mild hair cleanser.

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