Oriental Botanics Bath & Body Oil (Green Tea & Basil) - 200ml

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Introducing the Oriental Botanics Bath and Body Oil

  • A botanical delicately scented Body Oil making it the best Oil for skin
  • A light natural oil that penetrates your skin cells to moisturize
  • Provides a soothing topical barrier without clogging pores
  • Leaving skin feeling hydrated and enriched
  • Ideal for dry skin sufferers rough elbows and knees or cracked heels
  • There is nothing artificial in this Bath Oil
  • Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Vegan Gluten-free Cruelty-Free SLS-Free NO Parabens Phthalates or Petroleum-Based Ingredients
  • It contains pure natural oils which helps skin maintain its moisture balance while providing a subtle fragrance that soothes the mind and body. Skin feels soft and silky, with a radiant, healthy glow.


  • This lightweight and gentle formula absorbs quickly, providing instant hydration and a shimmering finish
  • Luxury Bath & Body Oil- Perfect for adding to your bath or using directly on your body- awesome, soothing, sensual, fragrant oil formulation for moisturizing skin and aromatherapy.
  • Natural Moisturizer- Add moisture to your skin the natural way with our Almond, Avocado, Jojoba, Apricot & essential oil formulation fragrance that will leave your dry skin feeling soft & smooth.
  • Pump Top Dispenser- Perfect for the shower, even with oily or soapy hands, pump out our Bath & Body Oil & apply. You do not need nearly as much of our body oil as you normally would.


  •  Sweet almond, avocado, soybean, apricot, jojoba and grapeseed oil.

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