PINQ Bulk Me Travel Edition Pack - 40 Pcs

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PINQ provides premium quality hygiene essentials for women on the go. It comes packed in easy-to-carry pocket-sized disposable pouches in a trendy designed reusable travel pouch For the ease of bulk ordering, this travel edition pack makes it less cumbersome for you and gets you enough pads for a few months. 


  • Available in XL (300 mm) and XXL (330 mm)
  • XL and XXL sanitary pads come with 4 wings – 2 front and 2 back
  • Wider back for extra protection from stains and discomfort
  • Rash-free experience with premium cotton-top sheet
  • Gel technology for faster absorption
  • Ultra-slim pads and durable for long hours


  • Peel release paper from the back
  • Stick Pantyliner inside undergarment. Press firmly.

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