Ultra Soft Biodegradable Sanitary Day & Night Pad - Pack of 12 - The Woman's Company

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Size: Day Pad
Pack Size: 12 pcs
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If you are tired of rashes from the conventional sanitary pads offered in the market, then The Woman's Company Sanitary Pads is your answer. They are customized according to your flow. A completely safe, organic, and natural option, these biodegradable sanitary napkins are made from certified organic cotton, that has been bleached without using chemicals like chlorine or dioxin. Being made from all-natural material, The Woman's Company Sanitary Pads are comfortable for the user and do not cause rashes or chronic illnesses.


  • Ultra-soft sanitary pads with extra-wide wings.
  • Made with certified organic cotton and non-toxic Japanese super absorbent polymer (SAP) core.
  • Biodegradable pads that come individually wrapped.
  • The backsheet includes a biodegradable film.
  • These are perfect for skin-sensitive women.
  • Dyed without chlorine or dioxin.
  • Recommended by gynecologists.


  • Remove the adhesive strip, press firmly on underwear, and after use, roll the used pad and dispose of it in the dustbin.

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