St.Botanica Activated Charcoal Hair Shampoo, 300ml

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The St.Botanica Activated Charcoal Hair Shampoo gently cleanses hair, removing unwanted buildup and impurities to reveal a natural, radiant shine. The balanced cleansing delivers a deep clean that is safe for colour-treated hair. Time to detox your 'do! Harness the power of charcoal-a natural antioxidant known to gently lift impurities and dramatically detoxify. Crafted with BioActive Ingredients plus oats and silk protein, this shampoo helps bring your hair back to life. Lather, rinse and repeat with ease knowing your shampoo is free of parabens, silicones, gluten, mineral oil and dyes, and made with at least 90% natural origin ingredients. How Activated charcoal helps your hair Activated charcoal has ingredients and the perfect molecular structure to absorb toxin from your hair and scalp. It helps the toxin to stick to the numerous pores which deep clean and detoxify the hair. Since it is natural and no chemical reaction is there to artificially remove the toxic substance, you are free from any negative reactions. It just naturally cleans.


  • Activated Charcoal Shampoo
    The activated charcoal helps to naturally absorb the toxins from the scalp and hair. The toxins are oil, dirt and chemicals that are stuck in your hair. The charcoal pulls out the toxin purifying your hair and scalp. Add volume to hair with St.Botanica Activated Charcoal Hair Shampoo When you shampoo with regular shampoo the residue of the toxin is still there in your hair.
  • Sulfate-Free
    Our sulfate-free formula is gentle on curly and colour-treated hair. Our restorative shampoo fights again drying, damaged, and dehydrated hair. Helping to get rid of free radicals.
  • Optimal Scalp Health
    This unique, scalp-healthy shampoo infuses charcoal to draw impurities from the scalp and detoxify the scalp and hair.
  • Volumizing  Shampoo
    Another great thing about activated charcoal is that it adds volume to the hair, as it removes dirt and oil from the hair, allowing it to feel lighter and more voluminous.
  • Ultra Refreshing Cool Menthol Experience
    Experience a unique and Refreshing Cool Menthol with a twist of eucalyptus and spearmint oils.

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