Ammunition Cologne Soap - Pack of 3

Sale price₹ 297.00


A Triple Milled Soap with stuff like Witch Hazel Extract, Bay Leaf Extract and Charcoal, this soap is not only going to leave you squeaky clean but also has along lasting smell. The Ammunition version is a pleasant but intense fragrance, with Charcoal that helps in deeper cleaning and removal of dirt.


  • Triple-milled soap that doesn't melt like other soaps.
  • Rich foam and a better quality bath.
  • Activated charcoal leaves you squeaky clean.


  • Charcoal soap for men

    With Activated Charcoal that draws out bacteria and dirt for a squeaky clean bathing experience.

  • Raw masculine fragrance

    A deep, powerful fragrance that compliments the rugged properties of charcoal.

  • Rich and intense foam

    Imported palm & coconut based triple milled soap for a richer foam and a better quality bath.

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