Anti-Acne Neem Face Pack ,100g

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Whether you want to get rid of that stubborn acne, treat that irritating rash, or need an antiseptic for your wound, the Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Face Pack is the answer. It effectively helps unclog pores, resolves and prevents damage caused by pimples, giving a healthy and clear skin. This face pack is a blend of skin-nourishing herbal ingredients that cleanses away dirt, oil, and dullness. It helps refresh and awaken the skin for a fresher appearance and radiant glow. The star ingredient Neem is a naturally nourishing & powerful agent. In combination with other natural extracts, Neem ensures that redness & inflammation around acne & pimples is reduced naturally. It also ensures that infection is not spread, thus reducing their reoccurrence. Additionally, it helps keep skin problems at bay. The face mask is rich in Orange Peel extract with a higher content of Vitamin C. This helps in giving a healthy glow to the skin and makes it look bright and younger-looking. With potent naturally-derived extracts, regular use of the face pack helps in promoting healthy, glowing skin. Its hydrating ingredients help retain the skin's natural moisture barrier and prevent the skin from getting dry and flaky. This Anti-Acne Face Pack contains pure natural extracts and is suitable for all skin types. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.

A combination of active ingredients with Neem oil ensures that acne & pimples are reduced. The face pack helps your skin get rid of excess oil, cleanses the pores, and minimizes the occurrence of acne, zits, and pimples. The special ingredients help to give clear and rejuvenated skin.

Aloe Vera imparts its cooling properties to the face pack, which helps to soothe and nourish the skin. It helps moisturize the skin and assist in improving acne, sunburns, and skin irritation. With the naturally soothing Aloe Vera, the face pack helps in nourishing & hydrating the skin simultaneously.

Natural & mild ingredient such as Kaolin clay helps in extracting & washing off excess oil from the skin. This further helps in reducing the occurrence of acne & pimples. It effectively helps in trapping the dirt and reducing the skin's oil secretion.

Olive Leaf works as a skin-soothing agent and protects it from environmental stressors. It helps to promote healthier skin while protecting against everyday exposure to sun and dirt. When applied topically, this face pack will also provide the skin with nourishment as it soothes and calms the skin itself.

The mixture of all potent natural extracts works on skin infections, keeping the skin clean, clear, and healthy. The face pack is suitable for all skin types as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. The formulation contains no Parabens, SLES/SLES, Or Silicones.

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