Anti Chafe Cream

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Chafing and Chub rubs don't have to be a pain anymore with our 'life-saving' wonder product, Anti-Chafe Creme. We have the perfect something to escape the pain in the heat, for those long running hours, frolicking on your bike in that sundress or the rigorous workouts you've almost started dreading.

It is a perfect blend of luxurious Essential Oils, Shea Butter and antifungal agents to create a calming whisk for your sore and inflamed skin.


  • It is the absolute protection against skin abrasions, blisters and saddle sores. Even if you aren't a workout fanatic, this intensely moisturizing cream is ideal to make your skin soft and silky.
  • What's better- it even doubles out as a moisturizer for your cracked heels & dry elbows. And the fragrance of lavender and rich orange oil- it would make you feel like a walk down the scented orchard!
  • It is anti fungal and antiseptic.


  • Protects against skin abrasions, blisters & saddle sores.
  • Suitable for chub-rubs.
  • Heals skin irritations & heat rashes.
  • Multipurpose formula.


  • Before your next outdoor venture, just smoothen a bit over your neck, arms, thighs or feet- almost about anywhere you might have a little extra rubbing.
  • It’ll form a barrier between your skin and the fabric you're wearing, ensuring to protect the chafed region.

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