Arata Hydrating Face Duo - Combo of 2 - 50ml

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Our 2-step hydrating face combo provides gentle exfoliation, oil control, and improved skin elasticity. Cleanse your skin with our highly effective, non-toxic formula, and follow up with our face serum cream that’s absorbed instantly - moisturizing, decreasing inflammation, boosting circulation, and tightening pores with an aromatic mixture of essential fatty acids and vitamins. Includes our Face Serum-Cream - 50ml and Face Wash 50ml.


  • Controls oil buildup.
  • Improved skin elasticity.
  • Anti-ageing benefits.
  • Gently exfoliates dead skin.


  • Organic Flax Seed, Apricot Seed Extracts, Peppermint Leaf, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil and Carrot Seed Oil.

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