Oriental Botanics Australian Tea Tree Face Toner 150ml

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Oriental Botanics Australian Tea Tree Face Toner is a fabulous daily skincare product for managing the oily skin susceptible to breakouts. It supplies the right amount of hydration to restore the skin’s moisture balance that is often disrupted after washing, which is a prominent reason for faster and excessive sebum secretion. The face toner is infused with Acne busters, an anti-acne active that helps fight acne and absorbs quickly into the freshly cleaned skin. It penetrates the pores, thereby absorbing the cleanser residues and grime, clearing the enlarged pores and leaving the skin perfectly clean and hydrated. It works as a wonderful disinfectant for the acne-prone skin, and your skin stays purified, refreshed, and healthy.

The antiseptic property of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil creates an unfavorable environment for the survival of the acne-causing bacteria. Neem augments the antimicrobial action of the toner. The bioactive compounds in green tea extract help to neutralize the free radicals that damage the skin. Cucumber cools and soothes the irritated skin. The product is fragrance free and enriched with only natural ingredients of the highest quality. This is a cruelty-free & vegan product.

  • Purified & Balanced Skin
    Packed with the goodness of premium essential oils and botanical extracts, it removes residual dirt and restores the moisture and pH balance of the skin.
  • Clear Oil-Free Complexion 
    It removes the excess oil and assists in exfoliating the dead skin, thereby increasing skin clarity.
  • Minimizes Breakouts 
    By clearing and tightening the enlarged pores, it helps to reduce oil buildup on the skin, and the antiseptic constituent of the toner helps to suppress the overgrowth of acne-causing germs.
  • Infused with Acne busters 
    It is an Anti acne active, specially imported from Japan, that helps prevent and treat acne.
  • No Added Fragrance
    It does not contain any added fragrance or mineral oil and toxic ingredients such as paraben, phthalate, sulfate, and silicone.

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