Aztec Secret Sweet Orange Scrub For Unisex - 190g

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Size: 190 gm
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Revitalizes your Skin. Lightens and Brightens Skin Tone. It Makes Dull Skin Bright and Clear. Protects Skin’s Natural Moisture Balance. Provides Deeply Cleaned, Tingly-Smooth Skin. Aztec Secret Charcoal Scrub pure & natural (pack of 190 gm) Aztec Secret Charcoal Scrub makes it ideal for massage therapy and aromatherapy. Aztec Secret Charcoal Scrub is very nourishing, and prevents the skin from getting excessively dry. It can be massaged into the scalp once a week and is an excellent way to nourish the scalp and restore the natural balance. Aztec Secret Charcoal Scrub can be a very versatile ally in your efforts toward better health.

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