Mom & World Baby Mosquito Repellent Body Roll On 50ml

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Applying Mom & World Mosquito Repellent Body Roll-On to the exposed areas of your baby’s body is the easiest way to drive away mosquitoes present in your baby’s vicinity. You can rest assured that as long as your baby is defended by the protection shield, the blood sucking insects will stay away from your child. It is an insecticide-free repellent made exclusively with plant-based ingredients. The ingredients are tested to be safe for the tender skin of babies.


  • Natural protection from mosquito bites both indoors and outdoors. Blend of essential oils of citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus, holy basil and rosemary.
  • Safe for the baby’s delicate sensitive skin and health. Apply directly to the exposed parts of your baby’s body. Recommended for babies above 3 months.
  • Forms a protective shield against mosquitoes that could last for a couple of hours. Safe for repeated reapplication for persistent protection.
  • Easy to use. Traveller friendly. Can be easily carried in a pocket, purse or bag.
  • DEET-free non-toxic, environment-friendly product. Made with natural ingredients obtained from trustworthy sources.


  • Citronella Oil
    The characteristic fragrance of citronella oil masks the odour emitted by the human body. Mosquitoes fail to locate their human prey when the body is smeared with citronella oil. Furthermore, insects dislike the citronella aroma and avoid places where they can smell the fragrance.
  • Lemongrass Oil
    Lemongrass oil is another mosquito repellent. The scented oil is combined with citronella and other aromatic oils to create a powerful natural mosquito repellent. It is also known for its antiseptic effect on the skin.
  • Eucalyptus Oil
    In addition to driving away mosquitoes, eucalyptus oil helps in soothing insect bites. This essential oil is known to improve the skin’s moisture barrier. Non-Irritant, Safe The ingredients used in the Mosquito Repellent Body Roll-On are absolutely safe for the baby’s tender skin. 


  • Apply to the exposed areas of the body. Reapply as needed every couple of hours for continuous protection.
  • A patch test is recommended before using the product for the first time.

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