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The Woman's Company Bamboo Razor offers the ease of a close shave with a premium bamboo handle to ensure a pain-free experience. The bamboo handle is made out of natural, sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo to give you a superior grip. Made with bacteria and rust-resistant grade 5 stainless steel, the razor head is built to last. It is ergonomically designed to give you the easiest shaving experience with fewer nicks and cuts.


  • Single blade razor with an eco-friendly bamboo handle
  • Features a metal head made of grade 5 stainless steel
  • Removes hair easily without the worry of cuts and nicks
  • Results in soft and smoother looking skin
  • Ideal for any body part including the external bikini area
  • The blades are resistant to bacteria and rust
  • Non-slip handle provides a superior grip
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable, and long-lasting razor
  • Pack contains: 10 x Blades and 1 x Bamboo Razor


  • 100% Natural Bamboo handle with a stainless steel razor head


  • Hold the bamboo handle and the blade holder firmly using both hands.
  • Unscrew the bamboo stick to separate it from the blade holder.
  • Now remove the blade holder from the skin-protecting shield.
  • Carefully place the provided bleed on the blade holder. Remember to hold the blade from the narrow ends as shown in the illustration to avoid any accidental cuts.
  • Cover the blade resting on the blade holder with the skin-protecting shield while ensuring the bent edges are facing upwards.

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