Base Camp Cologne - 100 ml - Perfume for Men

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We may live in cities but our hearts belong to the mountains. Experience the magic of the cool mountain air in Base Camp.

Loaded with 3x more fragrance than a deodorant and no gas, this cologne will make sure you smell great all day.


  • 100ml of goodness in a classy glass bottle with no gas.
  • Cool & crisp fragrance of the mountains.


  • Fragrance of the mountains
    Cool, crisp fragrance of the mountains that will remind you of snow peaks and deodar trees.

  • Cologne for men

    Deodorants are for body odour. When you have to smell good, this Cologne is what you need.

  • No gas

    100ml classy glass bottle contains goodness with no gas.


  • Hold the bottle 5-7 cms away from your skin.
  • Spray gently on your body.
  • Use it on your pulse points like wrists, neck.
  • It can also be sprayed on your clothes.

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