Beard Softener – Hydrating & Nourishing, 50gm

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Achieve a meticulously groomed look while enjoying a softer, more touchable mane with Man Arden Beard Softener. Infused with a precious natural oils blend, Vitamin E and numerous other active ingredients to keep your facial hair conditioned, smooth and soft while leaving the skin beneath your beard feeling hydrated & itch-free.

The best for your beard...we guarantee it!* Man Arden Beard Softener is created from the finest ingredients available. We start with a blend of hair strengthening botanicals infused in a base of Castor Cold Pressed Oil, Sesame Cold Pressed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Golden Virgin Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Cold Pressed Oil. It is then masterfully crafted with fruit and nut butters (Shea, Aloe, Cocoa to name a few). It will help soften, condition, repair, dry splitting hairs, and promote growth. Our balm is also very conditioning for your skin and will help stop the itching caused by growth and wild rogue hairs.

Out of Control Frizz? Pesky Beard Patches? No Problem!

Say goodbye to out of control frizz and embarrassing patches that simply won’t grow in. Man Arden Beard Softener is your #1 premium beard conditioner that has you covered to help keep your beard healthy and manly… but also soft and comfortable just the way you like it.

Sculpt & Style Tame stubborn hair, lightly sculpt and smooth for a finished look. Deep-Condition Quench your thirsty beard and dry skin with this moisturizing combination of beeswax, shea butter, Candelilla Wax, Carnauba Wax and oils.

Why Choose Man Arden Beard Softener?

Clean, High Quality Ingredients - natural oils, vitamins, and moisturizers; contains NO parabens, silicone, or sulfates

Leave-in Conditioner - light and non-greasy; deep, penetrating moisture from face to ends

Shines and Smoothes - no residue, just a tasteful shine and softness

Made in India: In addition to being 100 percent natural and organic, you’ll enjoy a better beard with amazing scent; No fillers, additives, parabens or gmos

Make your beard more manageable and less frizzy: From the very first use, this beard softener will make your beard less coarse and abrasive, more manageable and easy to groom, with no stray whiskers

Designed to last-the container extends the shelf life as oils are light sensitive and must be stored in dark containers to protect them from oxidation

Otherwise they lose potency and become non effective; Just a healthy beard that feels softer than ever before

Gets quickly absorbed into your beard hair, making them softer and stronger without any greasy residue/heaviness; Within an hour you'll be able to touch your beard without feeling the product at all

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