Beard Hood Grooming Kit (Café Valentino Beard Oil, Wash, Comb, Softener), Gift Box

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This Men's Grooming Kit contains 4 products, namely
  • Café Valentino Beard Oil
    It will give you some deep coffee notes. The old school vibe will make you smell like a fresh Italian roast, and no one can say no to some quality coffee!
  • Beard Wash
    Aprikot Kernel Oil keep your skin moisturized while the beard washes effectively deal with beard dandruff and add buoyancy to your hair.
  • Beard Comb Wooden
    This pocket-size hair comb for men is easy to carry as it's essential for facial hair after using any hair care product for even a groomed look. This Genuine leather case offers superior protection during any travel or voyage. This pocket-sized comb is ideal for EDC (Everyday Carry) Men.
  • Beard Softener
    Softens your beard hair, Provides moisture and nourishment, Gives a Quick and super styled look, Prevents itchiness and flakiness.

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