Complete Head to Toe Care Kit, Gift Box Pack Of 3

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This gift box contains 3 products, namely:
    • Hair Wax For Men
      Style your hair the way you want with Beardhood hair wax. Be it is classic, vintage, spikes, or professional, your hairstyle options are plenty. It provides strong hold that keeps your hair in place for a long time without causing damage or roughness to your hair because of moisturizing elements
    • Caffeinated Face Wash
      This is an ideal face wash for men which attacks dirt, excess oil & grime to eliminate breakouts & acne, without stripping skin and hair of your natural pH oil & moisture.
    • Green Tea & Charcoal Body Wash
      A healthy skin indicates complete wellness. Maintain your skin health with Beardhood's Green Tea & Charcoal body wash. No matter what skin type you have, it is your perfect daily skin cleanser. It washes off a layer of dead skin and oil, giving you healthy skin with a fresh feel.

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