Beardo De-Tan Peel Off Mask (100g)

Sale price₹ 399.00


We fight pollution and sun daily, while our regular facewash and scrubs clean our skin but they may be able to remove dirt, dead cells, and tan from the skin completely since the skin is porous.

Beardo has come up with an all-new De-Tan Peel-Off Mask for men which will not only deep cleanse your skin but will also be effective in removing the tan. Coffee extracts rejuvenate the skin while Aloe Vera heals and soothes and protects the skin from harmful effects of the sun.  



  • Removes dead cells & dirt
  • Removes blackheads & whiteheads
  • Removes tan & retains natural glow


  • Aloe Vera for Skin
    Hydrates skin
    Fights ageing
    Reduces acne
    Renders healthy glow

  • Coffee Extracts
    Packed with antioxidants
    Reduces inflammation
    Brightens skin


  • Cleanse
    Cleanse your face with the Beardo De-Tan Facewash to get all the dirt out, for better results follow it with a scrub.

  • Apply
    Take a blob of Beardo De-Tan Peel-off Mask and apply it evenly on your face with upward strokes. Do not apply around the eyes or on lips.

  • Peel
    Touch the mask lightly to see if the layer is dry. Once dry, smile to loosen the mask and then gently peel the mask off from the edges. Clean the residue with a wet

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