Beardo Deep Sea Brick Soap (125g)

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Beardo Deep Sea Brick Soap - premium handmade soap is perfect to re-energize yourself to take on the challenges on a new day. The unique blend of natural oils like coconut oil, lemon oil and castor oil revitalize your daily cleansing routine turn it into a truly refreshing experience
  • Instills a feeling of freshness
  • Re-energizes your body
  • Soothes your skin
  • Repairs and nourishes


  • Castor Oil
    Soothes sunburns Detoxifies the skin Prevents stretch marks Softens & treats calluses

  • Aloe vera
    A natural conditioner Fights dead skin Provides elasticity to hair Prevents breakage.

  • Lemon Oil|
    Active skin cleanser Re-energizes & rejuvenates Controls oil action Improves complexion

  • Grapefruit Oil
    Enhances the skin glow Fights skin infections Uplifts skin texture Possesses anti-ageing properties.


  • Wet your body & rub all over your body.
  • Leather it well
  • Rinse thotoughly

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