Beardo Godfather Beard oil (30ml)

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If you want your beard to have that neat and sleek look, Beardo's Godfather Beard Oil is your answer. It not only makes you feel like a million bucks but also prevents dryness and itchiness. Made with a non-greasy combination of Aloe vera extracts, Olive oil and Almond oil, this lite oil will keep the beard soft, moisturized and nourished. Whatever your look may be, your sleek beard will add more style to it, we bet! What’s more? Beardo Godfather Beard Oil has a fragrant and non-greasy formula making it the truly best beard oil for men.
  • Prevents dryness & flakiness
  • Non-greasy beard oil that conditions deeply
  • Keeps beard smooth, shiny & soft
  • Keeps beard well-groomed & fragrant


  • Almond Oil
    Active moisturizer Reduces inflammation Prevents skin infection Softens the skin.

  • Olive Oil
    Cures cuts & scars Soothe cracked skin treats dryness & itchiness Removes dead skin.

  • Aloe vera
    A natural conditioner Fights dead skin Provides elasticity to hair Prevents breakage


  • Pour
    Pour few drops of the oil on your palms.

  • Apply
    Apply by running your hands through your beard until the roots

  • Massage
    Massage gently for uniform application

  • Comb
    Comb using a beard comb or fingers for a well-groomed look

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