Beardo HAIR CLAY Wax - Strong Hold (100g)

Sale price₹ 425.00


Beardo Stronghold Clay wax is made using natural ingredients like Kaolin Clay and Beeswax wherein the clay helps add texture and volume while wax keeps the moisture intact and does not cause damage upon regular use. Moreover, this clay wax is reshapable and works on all hair types and washes off easily. With Beardo Stronghold Clay wax, you can get hold of any hairstyle literally and be your stylish best on every occasion.
  • Provides a serious hold & volume
  • Gives matte finish
  • Doesn’t dry or damage hair
  • Leaves no residue


  • Kaolin Clay
    Adds volume & texture
  • BeesWax
    Moisturises and helps give shape


  • Scoop
    Scoop out some in your palms
  • Rub
    Rub your palms
  • Run
    Run your hands all over your hair
  • Shape
    Shape them as desired

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