Beardo MAFIA Perfume Body Spray (120ml)

Sale price₹ 299.00


Beardo MAFIA is made with a no-gas formula which makes it last longer than ordinary deodorants. You can apply this perfumed body spray on your clothes or spray it directly on your pulse points like underarms, collarbones, chest right after a shower to feel fresh and odour-free all day long.


  • Perfumed body spray that combats body odour
  • Features a o-gas formula that lasts longer than other deodorants
  • Has a strong fragrance that consists of citrus, floral and woody notes
  • Can be applied on clothes or on the skin.


  • Hold the container about 10-15 cms away from the body and spray.
  • Spray directly on your underarms, collarbones or wherever you please.

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