Beardo Turmeric Clay Mask for Men (50g)

Sale price₹ 350.00


A clear and glowing complexion is everyone's dream, but daily pollution and our unhealthy lifestyle make our skin dull and gives rise to several skin problems. To get you an umpteen dose of skincare without being fussy, Beardo has come up with an all-new Beardo Turmeric gel for men. This gel has a non-sticky formula and is easily absorbed by the skin which penetrates deep into the skin and starts working its magic from within with the healing and soothing power of Aloe and Turmeric. Apply it on a cleansed skin and leave overnight, use this gel daily to maintain a fuss-free skincare regime.

  • Helps minimize pores
  • 'Lightens spots & pigmentation
  • Brightens & tightens the skin


  • Aloe Vera for Skin
    Hydrates skin fights ageingReduces acneRenders healthy glow

  • Turmeric Extract
    Relieves Inflammation and minimizes scars


  • Take
    Take the required amount of the product and apply

  • Spread the gel
    Spread the gel all over the area

  • Massage
    Massage it gently in a circular motion

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