La Flora Organics Best Salt Blends-Set of three Bath Salt & foot Soak-Muscle Pain Relief, Stress Relief & Himalayan Flowers

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A special combo set of three distinctively special blends of bath salts from La Flora Organics. In three special fragrances, fresh herbal add-ons, flowers & colours. Indulge in as bath salts or foot soak. Gift it to someone special.

Muscle Pain Relief: Ease your tired, achy muscles & clear your stuffy nose and cold symptoms with this special aromatherapy, hand-blended Epsom Bath & Foot Soak. It helps to relieve body & muscle aches by reducing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles, and overall helping you relax. Also helps to flush out toxins, cleanse and keep your skin soft & healthy.

Solar vaporized Sea salts Known for centuries that “Salt” help to plump up your skin, purifies the pores from within, flush out toxins, and creates a natural protective film on the skin giving it a youthful glow. Salts together can help combat water retention and stop bloating.

Stress Relief: Tame your Tensions & de-stress after a tiring day with this hand-blended, mood-lifting Bath salt creation. A warm aromatic salt bath soak helps you not just to relax & detox, but also allows your skin to absorb the vital minerals for your body. This helps you to feel nourished & refreshed.

Himalayan Flowers: Relax, hydrate and soak your skin in loads of minerals with one of the purest & oldest salts on our planet, “Himalayan pink salts.” together with Epsom salt or Magnesium sulfate and real rose petals infused with rose essential Oil & lavender buds. Soak in the best of saline goodness, wind down and relax with the romantic & uplifting aroma of this luxurious bath salt.

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