Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Face Mask – 100gm

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StBotanica Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Face Mask provides luxurious skincare with precious natural ingredients. Its skin refining, clarifying, radiance-boosting, and balancing effects make it the preferred beauty essential for increasing the natural beauty of the skin that gets damaged by pollution & environmental aggressors. Nature’s legendary skin-nurturing ingredients are infused in the face mask for intense skin care. The different components work together to bring out the natural beauty of the skin. It thoroughly cleanses the skin and helps remove impurities from the pores, thereby reducing the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads, and diminishing skin breakouts. The hydration boosting effect of the face mask helps to protect the youthful elasticity of the skin.

The skin lightening constituents of the face mask helps in fading blemishes and improving complexion. Improvement in the texture and tone of the skin is noticeable from the first use. The essential oil extracted from Bulgarian Rose is the premium, natural beauty ingredient in the mask. Its sweet floral scent invigorates the mind and body. The Rose oil is known for its moisturizing, skin balancing, anti-acne, and antiseptic properties that help in keeping the skin healthy, smooth, and bright.

Aloe vera supplies moisture and vital nutrients to the skin surface. It keeps the skin supple and healthy. Rosehip oil is Vitamins A & C rich carrier oil that helps in preserving the natural elasticity of the skin. Avocado cold-pressed oil helps in strengthening the skin’s protective moisture barrier. Licorice extract helps in lightening the pigmented areas of the skin. Free from Sulfates, Paraben, phthalate, and Mineral oil, this face mask is safe even for sensitive skin.

Clear & Bright Complexion – It removes the deep seated impurities, helps unclog pores, absorbs excess oil and leaves skin thoroughly purified.

Soft & Balanced Skin – Natural oils infused in the face mask help to restore the protective moisture mantle of the skin so that the skin remains hydrated and supple.

Helps repair skin damage – The bioactive constituents of the mask intensely nourish the skin and deliver vital nutrients that help in repairing the damaged skin. The skin restorative property of the face mask helps improve skin clarity & luster.

Pleasing Fragrance – The aroma of Bulgarian Rose Otto refreshes the mind. This precious essential oil is blessed with multiple skin enhancing properties.

uits all skin types – The soothing, refreshing, deep cleaning, hydrating and nourishing effects of the face mask make it suitable for all types of skins.


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