Beard Hood Caffeine Face Wash - 100ml

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To start your day off right, use Beardhood's Caffeine Face Wash Cleanser. It keeps your face fresh while providing your skin with essential deep cleanse by digging deep into pores. The face wash gives you a satisfying, fresh feel and clears your face of any buildup and oily residue. The sulphate-free face wash is formulated with special surfactants, providing gentle cleansing without stripping your skin and hair of their natural pH oil balance. Give your face the wake-up call it deserves. The unique blend of caffeine, coconut cake powder & tea tree essential oil is ideal to do wonders for your skin.


  • Gently yet thoroughly cleanses your skin.
  • Does not strip your face of its essential oils.
  • Balances the pH value of the skin.
  • Refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.


  • Coffee bean extract, cocoyl glucoside, coco amido propyl betaine, glycerin, jojoba oil, coffee bean scrub, beeswax, vitamin E, tea tree oil, micronized titanium dioxide, coconut cake power.


  • Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand, emulsify and rinse clean.
  • The light lather will feel fresh and invigorating.

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