DoYou Calming Mousse Mask

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Since you're always up for the next new thing, both in life and skincare, here's THE masking revolution for your experimental soul. Brace yourself for a quick magic show — this formula goes from powder to mousse in 30 seconds flat! Fun to prepare and calms your skin post your daily 101 with pollution. we'll sign up for that!


  • Soothing Superstar
    Daily exposure to dirt and pollution tends to leave your skin red and inflamed this anti-inflammatory mask puts in the 'chill' in post-work chill scenes.

  • Master Of Moisture
    An entire day in an air-conditioned workspace sucks the moisture out of your skin — aloe vera promises an instant boost of cellular-level hydration.

  • Skin Healer
    Your zest for a fast-paced life can leave your skin feeling frail — ever heard of a mask that restores lost minerals and promotes cell regeneration (cell renewal process responsible for skin's youthfulness).

  • Comfort First
    You probably want to do a million things while you mask (hello, multitasker) — non-drip mousse lets you paint your nails or even cook dinner while masking (full points for convenience).
  • Start with 40ml of cold water in a glass/plastic bowl
  • Sprinkle the powder formula across the water surface (like salt over food)
  • Empty the sachet and let it swell on its own for a minute
  • Once the mousse is ready, apply on your face and neck using your fingers
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes, gently massage the mousse on your skin before rinsing off with water


  • Polymarines
    Moisturises & softens skin.

  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
    Protects skin from premature aging.

  • Aloe Vera
    Has exemplary moisturizing & healing abilities.

  • Durvillea Antarctica
    Protects skin from the cellular age

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