Chocolate Coffee Body Butter for Skin Nourishment (100gm)

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Learning the art of self-defense has become important for all of us. We should be well-equipped in case an unknown, unfavorable force attacks us. The same goes for the skin too. Our skin is invariably attacked by the various impurities, harmful UV rays, heat, dirt, dust, toxic gases, and chemicals in the make-up on a day-to-day basis. All these eventually take a toll on our skin’s health. So, it is imperative to equip our skin with a powerful shield that not only protects but also repairs it from these impurities. The Beauty Co. Charcoal Star Night Potion is a perfect remedy to repair your skin during the night to give you rejuvenated and refreshed skin in the morning. The night is the perfect time to let your skin recover, repair, and regain its lost glory. While you are enjoying your beauty sleep, the powerful Night Potion clears impurities from the surface of the skin, unclogs the skin pores to clarify skin, softens the texture, provides necessary minerals to the skin, and shields from UV damage. Loaded with antioxidants, Charcoal Star Night Potion scores a perfect ten when it comes to giving your skin a complete detox and eventually fulfilling skin nourishment.

  • Clears impurities from skin’s surface
  • Unclogs skin pores & softens the texture
  • Shields skin from toxins, UV damage
  • Provides necessary minerals to the skin.

  • Charcoal Powder
    Draws out impurities like dirt, dust, oil & grime
    Unclogs skin pores
    Provides complete skin detox
    Purifies skin

  • White Gold Dust
    Provides necessary minerals to the skin
    Renders natural sheen
    Enhances the overall look of the skin
    Renders natural radiance & glow

  • Argan Oil
    Soothes & deeply hydrates skin
    Improves elasticity of the skin
    Works on fine lines and wrinkles
    Renders bright, youthful look

  • Vitamin C
    Cleans & clears impurities
    Provides intense hydration
    Tightens skin and eliminates wrinkles
    Imparts natural glow to the skin

  • Turmeric
    Heals cuts, rashes & skin inflammation
    Reduces acne & scars
    Natural anti-aging agent
    Lightens skin tone & provides a natural glow

  • Take:
    Take a dollop of The Beauty Co. Chocolate & Coffee Body Butter.
  • Apply:
    Apply it on your body, especially dry areas like the elbow & knees.
  • Massage
    Massage it gently while it melts; let the skin absorb all the goodness it has to offer.
  • Hydrate
    Enjoy soft, supple, and healthy skin for the rest of the day! Use it daily to feel the difference.

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