DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mist Combo Set Of 2 Bliss De Aqua & Haute Noir - 135 ml each

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DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mist Combo Set of 2 contains Bliss De Aqua and Haute Noir

Bliss De Aqua: An off-beat medley of refreshing Grapefruit and Bergamot scent, coupled with floral and herbaceous Jasmine and Basil accords. The Musk and Patchouli in this potion make it the perfect breezy fragrance that evokes relaxation! Too much is never enough with this body mist!

Haute Noir: Pamper your aromatic senses with this sensual scent of Orange Blossom mingled with the sweet redolence of Pear. It settles down into a sweet yet seductive fragrance with the pleasing aroma of Jasmine and Vanilla. The woody scent of Black Coffee and Patchouli in this oriental-spicy blend makes it the perfect fragrance for a date night or any exquisite occasion! This Body Mist is all that you would require if you are looking for an occasionwear "statement" fragrance.

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