DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers Combo Tangerine Sheen & Caramelo Yellow

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Tangerine Sheen: This peppy and bright carrot orange shade will uplift your mood in a jiffy!

Caramelo Yellow: This fun bright yellow gel nail polish can put any dullness away! Unshackle your quirky personality with Caramelo Yellow. Two coats of this beauty and you will be ready to take on the world!

DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers Features:

- Enriched with hydrating & nourishing Seaweed Extract that promote the health of your nails!
- 5-free, vegan, halal, & cruelty-free formulation.
- Gives a long-lasting, salon-like gel effect.
- Chip resistant formula that doesn't cause yellowing on the nails!
- Available in a vast range of shades & finishes.
- Quantity: 8ml (each)

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