DeBelle Gel Hand Sanitizer - Aqua Aurora (5 Litre Can)

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Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize – Make it a habit!

Doctors' recommended formula with 70% alcohol content!

This FDA Approved gel Hand sanitizer is the perfect non-drying formulation infused with bio-actives such as aloe, neem, and tulsi for their moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties.

Stay healthy, and indulge yourself in the refreshing scent of Aqua Aurora


  • 70% Alcohol formula for the perfect sanitization
  • Unique non-drying formulation
  • Aloe Vera infused for moisturization 
  • Neem and Tulsi extracts provide anti-bacterial qualities
  • Refreshing Aqua scent 
  • 5L can refill pack  


  • 5000 ml

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