DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Combo Set of 9 (Pastel Colors) - 8ml each

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DeBelle nail polish has a unique feature of long-lasting stay with gel base formula. Also, it does not require UV light. It contains natural Seaweed Extract that helps to promotes nail growth and lets your nail breathe. Apply two coats for long-lasting results and shake well before use. So get your professional gel finish manicure right at home. This nail polish combo set consists of 9 nail polish which are Mauve, Glitter, Nude, Yellow, Green, Mint Blue, Pink, Maroon, Peach. Majestique Mauve (Mauve) is a pretty nude mauve nail polish and is a nice everyday color. Also, this matte nail color goes with brighter outfits. Sparkling Dust (Glitter) is a Glitter nail polish that has a shimmering and bling effect and which can give you a glamorous yet sophisticated look. Natural Blush (Nude) is a nude nail polish shade that looks extremely chic and classy for everyday wear. Caramelo Yellow (Yellow) is a bright yellow nail polish shade, which can put any dullness away. It is a rich spring shade that can be complemented with any Western & Indian outfits. Mystique green (Pastel Green) is a beautiful pastel green color nail polish that gives a rich shine to nails. This green shade is ideal to flaunt in summers, however pastel shades never go out of fashion and can be used through any season. Mint Armor (Mint Blue) is a pretty pastel nail color in a mint blue shade, which gives you a rich matte look for your nail. Miss Bliss (pink) is a light pink shimmer nail polish. It has a resilient mirror finish shade. It applies very smoothly and ideal for subtle-looking nails and daily wears. It has a shiny glossy finish which can be complemented with any formal and Indian wear. Moulin Rouge (Maroon) is a gorgeous reddish maroon shade. Looks good on long and short nails.For glossy & beautiful nails. Peachy Passion (Peach) is a pastel peach nail polish with a slight tinge of orange in it. This spring shade can complement every Western and Indian look.

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