Le Rituals Digital Detox Duo

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Digital Detox Duo consists of Antioxidant-Rich Face Serum with BLUE Oléoactif® (30 ml) + Omega Rich Under Eye Serum with LOOK Oléoactif® and Rosehip Oil (30 ml)


  • The Antioxidant-Rich Face Serum is an advanced plant-based, natural formulation. It contains ‘Globally Innovative Awarded Ingredient – BLUE Oléoactif® ‘ and essential oils. It hydrates skin and delays skin aging.
    Therefore it protects against concerns rising due to urban lifestyle. 
  • The high-performance Omega Rich Under Eye Serum has a world-class, ‘Globally Awarded Best Active Ingredient – LOOK Oléoactif® ‘. This ingredient is proven to work best for under-eye dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. 

This Antioxidant and Omega Rich Digital Detox duo helps to reduce all the ill effects of blue light coming from the digital devices.

*Together, the Le Ritual Digital Detox duo will guard and nourish the skin of your face and eyes.


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