DoYou Softening Lip Serum Orange & Softening Lip Serum Coffee - Combo of 2

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Lip care is a priority. Period. Exactly why your vanity kit isn't complete without these two swish sticks. While the DoYou Plumping Lip Serum takes you closer to naturally fuller lips, the DoYou Softening Lip Serum ends the persistent dry spell like nobody's business. Basically, all that your pout's ever wished for.


  • DoYou Mint Plumping Lip Serum - 10ml
    Instantly improves blood circulation to the lips, followed by a cool, tingling sensation leading to a high-glam pout.
    The lightweight, non-sticky formula moisturizes chapped lips and strengthens the protective barrier.

  • DoYou Orange Softening Lip Serum - 10ml
    Keeps your pout supple by creating a rich, protective hydrating film over it
    Lightweight, non-sticky formula tightens the skin, offers sun protection and boosts collagen.


DoYou Softening Lip Serum - Orange

  • Sunflower Oil
     Heals dry, sensitive lips.

  • Pomegranate Flowers and Jojoba Oil Complex
    Plumps lips.

  • Pollen fractions + Soybean, Olive and Wheat Germ Oil
    Maintains hydration.

  • Orange Extract 

DoYou Softening Lip Serum -Coffee

  • Pollen fractions + Soybean, Olive and Wheat Germ Oil
    Collectively maintain hydration.

  • Sunflower Oil
    Heals dry, sensitive lips.

  • Coffee
    Prevents loss of collagen and fights inflammation.

  • Vitamin E
    Nourishes dry lips.


  •  Glide the roller twice over your lips to ensure complete coverage
  •  Wear it over or under your lipstick or just stick to a sheer, glossy pout
  •  Retouch the plumping lip serum over your colour any time of the day (for added drama
  • Double up the softening lip serum for best results — leave it on overnight and wake up to softer lips

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