Arata Essential Morning Regime 50 ml

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Start your day with our non-toxic 3-step routine for hydrated, healthy skin and minty fresh breath.

Our refreshing face wash gently cleanses your skin with all-natural extracts, while our antibacterial toothpaste contains cooling natural ingredients that prevent tooth decay, soothe your gums, and keep your breath fresh.
Follow up with our hydrating face serum-cream, a non-greasy formula that is absorbed instantly - moisturizing, decreasing inflammation, boosting circulation, and tightening pores.


  • Controls oil build up.
  • Improved skin elasticity.
  • Tightened pores.
  • Daily fluoride free, antibacterial action.

Organic Flax Seed, Apricot Seed Extracts, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Peppermint, Chamomile, Menthol, Cinnamon and Clove.

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