Aureana Essentiel Pore Minimizing Toner -100ml

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Essentiel Pore Minimizing Toner minimizes pores and sebum production. Its active ingredient restores skin imbalance and limits the production of oil. It also has a hydrating agent and a skin-replenishing ingredient that reduces inflammation and moisturizes the skin for an even tone.


  • Provides cutaneous astringency.
  • Gives an immediate pore lightning effect.
  • Leaves a moisturizing effect.
  • Gentle formula is safe for use by sensitive skin
  • Free from parabens and sulfates
  • 100% vegetarian product


  • Sepicontrol A5
    Is known for its properties as a sebum- regulator that restores skin imbalance that causes acne and limits the production of oil. It is a skin purifier and also has astringent properties.

  • Sodium PCA 
    Is created by a fermentation process of sugars and starches. Our skin naturally contains PCA, but as we age, these levels drop quite considerably hence Sodium PCA is needed to bind moisture to the skin’s cells.


  • After thoroughly cleansing your skin, soak a cotton pad with Essentiel Pore Minimizing Toner and swipe it over your entire face and neck area.
  • Follow it up with Aureana day cream from Aureana Purity Luminos and Rewind Range.

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