St.Botanica Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Oil Hair Repair Shampoo, 300ml

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Experience this invigorating blend of eucalyptus oil with cooling peppermint oil, hydrating tea tree oil which gently cleanses while calming itchy scalp to bring it back to balance, for hair that is healthy, soft and clean from root to tip.

Dermatologists call Dandruff as a 'recurring condition' so unless you treat it regularly, your symptoms will probably return.

  • Find out what causes dandruff.
  • Avoiding too-hot water, heat styling tools.
  • For some people, dandruff is present all the time. For others, the visible signs might seem worse at particular times. There are a number of many other factors, which can affect your dandruff, that change over time and are affected by the environment you’re in.
  • So, If you continue to have symptoms even after using our shampoo + Other Hair Care Precautions, consulting an certified dermatologist is advised.


  • Wake up to healthy looking skin as the exclusive pure StBotanica Pure Radiance Night Cream works through the night for smoother and younger-looking skin. The beautifying Vitamins C, A and E gives the complexion a more youthful and brighter appearance.
  • Nighttime is when your skin repairs, recovers and recharges. During the day your skin is busy fighting environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution, but at night, skin’s repairing process is more active. StBotanica Pure Radiance Night Firming Cream replenishes skin throughout the night to visibly reduce signs of aging for younger-looking skin.
  • THE BENEFITS OF VITAMIN C are unparalleled - A powerhouse antioxidant known for brightening skin tone and diminishing signs of sun damage like Dark Spots, Sun Spots, Age Spots, and Hyperpigmentation, vitamin C is known to boost skin's natural sun protection, refine skin texture and fade the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


  •  Vitamin B5, Macadamia Cold Pressed Oil, Aloe vera Leaf extract, Avocado Cold Pressed Oil, Grapeseed Cold Pressed Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil that cleanses while calming the scalp.


  • Rinse hair thoroughly, massage shampoo into your scalp.
  • Lather and leave it on your hair and scalp for few minutes.
  • For BEST RESULTS, Use St.Botanica Hair Conditioner After Every wash.


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