Ustraa Face Wash - Dry Skin (Mint Cool) - 200g

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With Pine Bark and Peppermint, the USTRAA Mint Cool Face Wash gives you a badass cleansing and leaves you feeling cool and refreshed. Glycerin and coconut derivatives keep your face hydrated & moisturized and don't leave your skin dry. If you have a dry or normal skin, this is the face wash you need.
*Like all our products this product is completely free of paraben, sulphates and other harmful chemicals.


  • Removes dirt and dead skin.
  • Reduces moisture loss and rejuvenates the dry skin.
  • Gives deep hydration and conditioning to skin.


  • Mint cool and badass cleansing
    Pine Bark Extract & Peppermint cleanses your skin thoroughly and keeps it feeling fresh and cool all day.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes
    With glycerin and coconut derivatives for intense moisturization.
  • Formulated for dry and normal skin
    Doesn't leave your skin dry after wash. Recommended for bros with dry/normal skin.

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