La Flora Organics “Flora Kids”- Handmade Special Soap Combo for Kids

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Combo Gift Set of 3 Natural Soap Bars.-Rose Choco handmade soap bar, Baby Soft Mild Bathing bar & Vanilla strawberry kids soap bar.

All of them Handmade, vegan, free of harsh toxins, made with Natural & Organic ingredients. The cold process is made to retain the natural glycerine derived through the process to remain in the soap bars itself.

Three wonderful, bubbly soap bars, three bathing bars that are ideal for the gentle skin of kids & young ones, three special aromas that kids LOVE!!! While “Baby Soft” is mild and extra gentle for even babies, Rose Choco has lots of Organic chocolate in it to detain, nourish the kid's skin. Vanilla strawberry is truly a fun soap bar with an ice-creamy aroma that kids enjoy.

An ideal gift for your little one or their friends.Comes in a special Eco packing.

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