La Flora Organics “Flora Man”- handmade soap combo for Men

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Charcoal Teatree deep cleansing Black soap bar, Lemon -Peppermint refreshing soap bar& Divine & Soothing Sandalwood Bathing Bar. Soap Combo Gift set of 3 refreshing, handmade soap bars that would be ideal for you or for the man in your life. All of which are Handmade, cold-processed, vegan, cruelty-free, free of harsh chemicals and made using certified organic & natural ingredients. Three soap bars are ideal for tough manly skin. With deep cleansing effect to remove dirt and greasiness from skin pores. Refreshing & uplifting aromas that can keep body odour away for a long time. Soaps made using Organic Coconut & Olive Oils and natural add ons.

Contains no sulphates/Parabens/Triclosans, Petroleum derivatives, artificial hardeners or colourants or foaming agents.


La Flora Organics-Lemon Peppermint Bathing bar, Sandalwood Aromatic Bathing bar, Charcoal Teatree deep cleansing Black soap bar. (Kindly look into the links below to know more details about them).


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