Greenberry Organics Green Tea & Tea Tree Skin Toner Anti - Acne & Skin Calming With Aloevera & Glycerine

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A perfect day starter, Fresh Cucumber Mint Toner, soothes any irritation, rejuvenates and increases skin’s ability to retain moisture, and removes excess oil. 

How To Use

Spray onto the face and body for refreshing effect and wipe off with clean cotton balls. Repeat as desired


Clears and Boosts A Healthy Glow

Experience the vivid freshness on your skin as the toner is enriched with natural ingredients that not only revitalize your skin from within but also hydrate and nourishes the skin's surface thus helping in imparting a healthy glow.

Forget About Skin Irritation

Say goodbye to inflamed skin, acne-prone skin, and redness as this toner contains calming ingredients that tighten and unclogs the dirt settled in your skin pores, thus making your skin look toned, refined, and healthy.

Replenishes Moisture & Reduces Oiliness

Made with the goodness of natural ingredients that offer ultimate hydration and replenishes skin moisture, your skin can feel oil-free, soft, and clean with just a dab! It controls sebum production and gently cleanses to let your skin look healthy and beautiful!


Rejuvenating Aloe Vera

Known for its soothing and calming effect on the skin, the aloe vera & cucumber extract in this sunscreen gel gently calms the skin while providing it with the hydration and moisturization it needs. Be sure to experience a rejuvenating sensation as the gel instantly hydrates & soothes the skin.

Antibacterial Tea tree Oil

Skin problems such as redness, skin inflammation, and acne will be a thing of the past as the antibacterial properties of the tea tree oil extracts in the toner contributes to reducing acne formation and skin inflammation. It acts as an astringent and helps tighten open pores, leaving your skin looking clear and radiant.

Refreshing Green Tea

Gift your skin the benefits of both green tea & witch hazel that offer a refreshing and calming sensation to your skin. Green tea helps in diminishing the signs of aging, calms irritation, and even helps in soothing redness on the skin while witch hazel can help protect your skin against damage.

Describe your products in three words.

100% natural, Paraben & sulfate-free & Ayurvedic

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

During the 1970s a modern-day over-the-counter product was rarely seen and heard elsewhere. Navnit Mehra draws from the cultural background of a prominent family typically having a rich traditional lineage of 'Hakims'. She could not pull off her lifelong dream of starting a 100% natural, Ayurveda & Apothecary brand of organic products until in 2016, Arjoon - her son undoubtedly inspired her. Greenberry Organics is a fresh and modern-day apothecary preparation based on the unique experience of a traditional 'Unani, Hakim & Vaid' family that dates back to almost 7 marked decades.

What makes your product special?

At Greenberry Organics, our organic products are traditionally made from Ayurveda recipes which have been improved remarkably over a considerable period of time to co-exist with the modern-day demands on increasing skin issues. We use 100% USDA & ECOCERT certified ingredients. Being one of the leading and brightest start-ups we focus on certain fine grade Bio-Active ingredients from Brazil, Spain & Germany like - Sun Cat DE, Phyto Defense CLR, MuruMuru Butter, Pracaxi Oil Complex, Pentavitin, Nipa Guard SCE, etc. We are over here to make the potential customers sufficiently realize the distinct advantages of these 100% naturally derived essential ingredients.

What has been the best part of your experience?

We believe the most tremendous part of our successful venture is being able to work together on something that we have faith in and obviously coming out as one of India's few mother-son duos who has aspired to instantly raise the bar in the Natural, Ayurvedic, and Organic Skin Care domain. Greenberry Organics consists of a wonderful team of in-house experts from around India who have blessed us with their innovative techniques and traditional secrets.

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