La Flora Organics “Fruit Glow ” Fruit based Handmade soap Combo

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Combo set of 3 Fruit-based handmade soaps. Three handpicked fruits are known to be wonderful for skin care. It is known that fruits are loaded with skin clarifying Vitamin C, vital minerals & antioxidants that can nourish your skin deeply. Some active fruit enzymes can remove dead skin cell layers, rejuvenate the skin to give radiance and glow. Our fruit-based, cold processed handmade soaps have real fruit extract added to them apart from the natural glycerine retained in each soap bar due to 6 weeks of natural curing. While Papaya has skin clarifying, skin lightening properties, Orange & Lemon varieties are loaded with Vit C that helps to cleanse the skin and reduce blemishes. Organic base oils of Coconut, Olive, Sunflower & Castor Oil will nourish, moisturize your skin making it visibly radiant with regular use.


La Flora Organics-Orange Cinnamon Bathing Bar, Lemon peppermint bathing Bar, Pure Papaya Skin Lightening Bathing Bar. (Kindly look into their respective pages under products to know more details about them).

Net wt: 450 gms

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