SilkTree Fruity Indulgence Skin Care kit

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SilkTree Lavender with Goat Milk Handmade Soap is a great combination of Vitamin A from Goat Milk and acne & wrinkle removal effects from Natural Lavender. Its Anti-Inflammatory effects help numb the itching pain occurring due to dry skin and makes the skin flourish in all weather conditions.

SilkTree Aloe vera and Green apple face massage gel contain that is useful in nourishing, beautifying, glorifying skin, sunburn, minor burns, scars & blemishes Regular use of Aloe vera & Green apple Skin Gel helps in. Reducing dark circles and preventing wrinkles.

SilkTree Pulpy Papaya Face Pack helps moisturize dull & dry skin and also brighten the facial complexion. Enriched with the brilliance of papaya extracts to lift the skin and give a glowing appearance. High-quality, natural ingredients help in getting rid of dullness, stimulates epidermal renewal, and rejuvenate stressed skin to reveal a new radiance. Use this pack regularly to get maximum benefits for the skin. This pack makes it look and feel younger, firming, hydrating & nourishing this pack is a vital weekly pampering.

SilkTree Strawberry face wash the Blush and Glow to give your skin a gorgeous & kissed glow every day. Formulated by rich strawberry extracts. The face wash has fruit anti-oxidants and beads that cleanse your skin washing away dirt and other impurities. For the best results. Follow this simple Blush & Glow regime every day The beautiful texture & fragrance will make you fall in love instantly. Direction: Wet face and apply a dime-size amount. Massage gently in circular motions, avoiding contact with the eye area.

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