Fuschia - Tea Tree Twigs Bath salt- 50 gms

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Fuschia Natural Handmade Bath Salts have been developed to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs. The best way to refresh you after a long tiring day is to soak yourself in them. So simply allow the salts to swirl around gently as you take a deep breath, lie back, and unwind in your own personal bath. 


  • Tea Tree Twigs: Camphoraceous / Relaxing 
  • Crystal Rose: Fresh, Rosy / Mood Lifting 
  • Citrus Orange: Tangy, fresh / Mood lifting 
  • Sandal Saffron: Woody, exotic / Calming 
  • June Jasmine: Sweet, floral / Relaxing 
  • Lavender Florets: Light, fresh / Claiming 
  • Blueberry Bloom: Sweet, fruity / Relaxing
  • Suitable For: All Skin Type


  • Sea Salt with Dead Sea Minerals, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Rose Essential Oil, Olive Oil & Rose Petals
  • Crystal Rose - Rose Essential Oil with Rose Petals has soothing properties, relieves itching, soothes insect bites and burns.  

                                                HOW TO USE 

  • Add 1-2 Capfuls of bath salt to a bucket of normal/lukewarm/warm water for a regular bath
  • Add 4 Capfuls to a bathtub for relaxing.
  • Use 3-4 Capfuls for a bathtub use 1 capful in the half bucket for a manicure/ pedicure  

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