GLAMVEDA Belgian Almond & Honey Nourishing Body Wash & Lotion Combo Pack(300ml+300ml)

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Get super smooth and silky soft skin with Glamveda Belgian Almond & Honey Body Wash & Lotion Combo. The products in this combo will leave your skin looking well-nourished and healthy.

Glamveda Belgian Almond & Honey Body Wash: Treat yourself to this rich luxurious silky body wash for soft and nourished skin. With 100% natural extracts this body washes deeply nourishes the skin for long-lasting effects.

Glamveda Belgian Almond & Honey Body Lotion: Belgian Almond & Honey body lotion melts into the skin for providing 24 hours of continuous moisture. It gently nourishes your skin and locks in the moisture, keeping it supple all day long. Super light, non-sticky and hydrating, this lotion is perfect for everyday use. It balances skin pH and keeps it nourished for long hours. The invigorating fragrance keeps your skin mildly scented. Safe and clinically tested for purity. This lotion is free from parabens, chemicals and also it is cruelty-free.


  • Belgian Almond & Honey Body Wash: Pour the shower gel onto a wet loofah. Apply gently over wet skin. Use a loofah to work up a rich, fragrant lather before rinsing off. Pat dry and apply body lotion all over the body. Massage it gently and let it get absorbed.
  • Belgian Almond & Honey Body Lotion: Spread it on your skin after a shower, or whenever your skin needs moisturization and nourishment. Massage it gently and let it get absorbed.

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