GO Anti Hair Fall Hair Oil, 150ml

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Nothing beats using the right hair fall control products to control the nasty hair fall problem! Indulge yourself in the tried and tested formulation of St.Botanica GO Anti Hairfall Hair Oil and boost up your confidence! Backed with Scientifically proven Redensyl® & RootBioTec™, this solution is not only clinically effective but also equally efficient in helping you retain strands on your scalp.

GO Anti Hair Fall Hair Oil

St.Botanica GO Anti Hairfall Hair Oil contains Rich Botanical Oils & thus, is the quintessential product that deals specifically with your hair problems and helps reduce hair fall. Formulated with trusted ingredients, the oil helps stimulate blood circulation on the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. The oil contains Redensyl®, a research-based clinically proven component that acts as a hair growth galvanizer by reactivating hair follicles stem cells. RootBioTec™ is yet another component that has proved its efficiency in reducing hair fall. Both these ingredients, combined with other natural ingredients, will help give you a healthier scalp that supports stronger and lustrous hair. The DHT Blockers in the Oil will further prevent hair loss. Incorporating the oil in your daily hair care routine will help you flaunt a healthier mane with a reduced appearance of split ends and brittleness.
  • Award Winning Redensyl®
    After clinical research, Redensyl® has been proved to be the breakthrough ingredient that helps prevent hair fall. It acts as a Hair growth galvanizer that reactivates hair follicles stem cells and dermal papilla fibroblasts. It claims to reduce hair fall by the end of 3 months.
  • Clinically Proven RootBioTec™
    RootBioTec™ is a potent hairy root extract of Basil that helps promote healthy hair growth, and keeps your mane long and full. It is a clinically proven ingredient that claims to reduce hair loss by 31% after two months of application. Dermal Papilla Cells play an important role in hair growth and RootBioTec™ helps in proliferation of Dermal Papilla Cells.
  • Sweet Almond Oil
    Sweet Almond Oil helps make the hair less prone to split ends and thereby reduces damage.
  • Ginseng Oil
    Ginseng Oil helps strengthen hair follicles and roots of hair. It thus prevents brittleness & breakage.
  • Black Seed Oil
    Black Seed Oil keeps the scalp moisturized & hydrated for long, thus keeping hair woes at bay.

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