GO Long Onion Hair Shampoo, 200ml

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St.Botanica GO Long Hair Shampoo is all you need to get long, healthy hair as beautiful as you are. The Shampoo is formulated to gently but thoroughly remove product buildup and repair damaged follicles without stripping hair of moisture. It helps soothe the scalp and renew hair for healthy, beautiful tresses. The Shampoo effectively works to offer long & healthy hair. The natural extracts and pure oils help strengthen hair strands and reduce hair fall. The Shampoo contains Ashwagandha, Pea Protein, Avocado, Brahmi, Calendula, Caffeine, Moroccan Argan Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, and other nourishing extracts. This is a pH-balanced formula that deeply nourishes the hair from root to tip and keeps it healthy as it grows. The product is made from naturally derived ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals or toxins.
St.Botanica GO Long Hair Shampoo
Enriched with powerful natural ingredients, St.Botanica GO Long Hair Shampoo is a mild formulation that helps boost natural hair growth. Formulated With Powerful, Natural, and Organic Bioactive Ingredients, All our Products are Toxins-free.
No Parabens
No SLS/SLES or Silicones
No Mineral Oils
No Animal Testing

Why opt for this product?
St.Botanica GO Long Hair Shampoo is rich in potent natural extracts & pure oils that help prevent hair breakage. It has the following benefits:
Enriched with the Goodness of Natural Ingredients
Helps Prevent Breakage & Strengthens Hair Strands
Get Longer, Healthier, & Shinier Hair
No Harmful Chemicals

St.Botanica GO Long Hair Shampoo contains natural ingredients that help make the hair stronger and prevents breakage & split ends. The rich ingredients in the Shampoo nourish the hair.

Rich in Onion extract, this Shampoo helps make the hair strong, thus preventing hair loss. It also contains Caffeine that helps prevent hair loss.

It contains Panax Ginseng that fortifies hair roots and prevents infection on the scalp. Pea Protein prevents cuticle cracking and damage and boosts the hydration and moisture retention in each strand.

GO Long Shampoo is also rich in Aloe Vera, Aswagandha, Avocado, Brahmi, Calendula, Hibiscus, Moroccan Argan Oil, Sugarcane, Ylang Ylang, and other enriching ingredients.

The Shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp and prevents it from drying. The product does not contain Parabens, SLS/SLES, Phthalates, or Mineral Oils. It is suitable for all hair types.

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